Customs regulations and laws for import and export in most countries of the world have become uniform and similar systems
In 1947, the GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), was established to facilitate trade exchanges among member states and to remove obstacles between these countries, which resulted in the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In 1995, the WTO- World Trade Organization, which aimed at unifying customs tariffs among Member States, solving disputes between countries and problems of dumping, in addition to reducing customs duties among Member States, which reached 164 members. Therefore, the import and export process is similar in terms of regulations and laws. The majority of countries in the world, which means that if you knew the customs regulations in a particular country that qualifies you to know the systems in any country in the world to some extent
The process of customs clearance is a documentary process in the first class in import or export. The required documents are very similar in customs clearance of exports and imports.

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